Genotype is a Heavy Metal band from Northern Illinois. Currently playing the Chicago land area and promoting their Third Full- Length Album.

Members: Charles Esposito, Remington Roberts, Shaun Combee, Kadie Kirby 

Formed in December 2010 by Charlie Esposito (Altered/The Darksiders) and Shaun Combee (Altered/Loki/Left for Dead). Ideas were exchanged and a musical platform was created. Kadie Kirby (vocals) joined shortly after. Her background in stage performances and impressive vocal production helped her fit the part.

 Genotype then began writing and producing their debut self-titled album. It was independently released in February 2012. In June of 2012, after almost no results in reaching the best candidate for the machine like drums compositions, Genotype was completed  with the addition of Remington Roberts (Theophagy) (Jungle Rot) on drums and Justin Krotz on Bass.  

Genotype Live! 2018.

Genotype Live! 2018.